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PACT Certified

Southeast a PACT Club

What is PACT?

Parents and Coaches Together (PACT) is an educational program developed at the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Ethical Education and Development.

The program is:

  • Based on research from developmental, educational, and sport psychology.
  • Designed to help coaches and parents to be on the same page in successfully creating a positive and motivating climate in Minnesota youth soccer.
  • Presented by experienced trainers approved by the University of Notre Dame.
  • PACT empowers coaches and parents to realize their unique roles in fostering athlete intrinsic motivation, character development, optimal performance, well-being and satisfaction.

Southeast hosted a PACT Training seminar for our club coaches, managers and administrators on February 28, 2018. 

In the future, Southeast plans to host similar training sessions for our parents.

Southeast's PACT Policy:

Southeast Minneapolis Soccer Club PACT Policy

The Southeast Soccer Club is committed to a program that provides a positive soccer environment for its players, coaches, team managers, officials, parents and fans.

Southeast Soccer is partnering with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) to provide a research-based educational program called Parents and Coaches Together (PACT). Co-developed by the University of Notre Dame and MYSA, PACT is designed to help coaches and parents create a positive soccer environment for players that fosters intrinsic motivation, develops character, achieves optimal performance, and enhances well-being and satisfaction.

Starting in Spring 2018, Southeast Soccer requires its coaches, team managers, board of directors and staff to become PACT certified. We believe that this will create a more positive atmosphere, and resulted in greater satisfaction among our players, coaches, managers and parents.

Southeast Soccer believes parent participation in PACT to be critical to the continued success and enjoyment of the Southeast Soccer program. For 2018 Fall Season, Southeast Soccer will encourage parents to attend available PACT seminars.

Starting with the 2018-2019 soccer season, at least one parent of every Southeast Soccer player will be required to attend a PACT Parent seminar hosted by either Southeast Soccer or another MYSA-affiliated club.

For additional information on PACT and how the program benefits us all, visit the PACT page on the MYSA website