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New Players to Southeast Soccer for 2017-2018 Season

If your player has been offered a roster spot and is new to Southeast Soccer or did not play for Southeast during Spring/Summer 2017 or Fall 2017, you must follow this process for registration for the Spring/Summer Season. 

Read the information below before registering your player and/or as a new manager / coach.

Online registration process will be through the MYSA SES Affinity website. A Link is provided at the end of this information. You will be re-directed to another site.

Basic Registration Information

1.  Photo of the player on the device you will be using. You will need to upload it when you register. This will be used for the player pass.  If player has previously registered, you should be able to use previous photo.

2.  Scholarships.  If you are going to request a scholarship, you must request this through Claudia Motl, SES Club Coordinator, email prior to your registering.  You will be given a special Discount Code to enter when you register.  Without this you will be charged the full amount.

3.  Payment. Be prepared with a credit card number or checking acount information at the time of registration. You will be required to have this information at the time of registration.

Cash payment or mailing a check will be allowed this season but initial deposit and payment plan must be communicated with Club Coordinator.

Player passes will not be activated without payment by the beginning of the season May 1, 2018.

4.  Age Group & Team Name that your player will be assigned to. If you do not know it, ask your team manager or Claudia Motl, email prior to registering.

New Player Registration or Didn't play with SES in 2017

Registration Steps

Click on the SES Affinity Registration Website Link Below

First time registers:  Click on "Registration", in the upper right corner of the web page.

1.  Create an account     2.  Choose your team    3.  Enter parent and player information     4.  Sign legal agreements    5.   Payment


SES Affinity Website LINK Below

Coach / Manager Registration:

Background checks:

  • Effective 1/1/18-12/31/18
  • New & returning coaches and manager must follow instructions below to complete the background check.

Use your email that was used to complete Background check when creating your account through Affinity.  

Please have these things

  1.  Photo of self (if a new coach or manager) to upload (must be located on device you are registering with, such as computer)
  2.  Competitive Level of the team you are assigned to.
  3.  Click on the link below for instruction on completing your background check 
  4. Link also has instruction to create your account as a coach / manager.

Returning Players - Create an Order Instructions

From Fall 2017 U10-U14 team or Spring/Summer 2017 U15-18 team & playing on the same team for Spring/Summer 2018.


Returning Users: Click on "User Login", in the upper left corner of the SES Affinity web page (Link is below) - enter your user id and password and follow the steps.

1.  Click on "Print Documents" under players picture

2.  Click on "Legal Agreements" & sign the 5 required documents.

3.  Print the documents if you want and / or click on the "x" in the right upper corner to close the page.

4.  Click on "View Payments" under for the player's picture

5.  Click on "Create Order" under the current 2017-2018 Season.  A new message will pop up in the top left of the screen that indicates order created. . Click on “Dismiss Message” 

6.  Click on "Edit Payments" under the current 2017-2018 season

7.  Choose your payment method and finish the process.



SES Affinity Website LINK Below

SES Affinity Registration WEBSITE

Click to Create an Order and Sign Legal Documents

2018 Spring / Summer Soccer Fees

U9 & U10:     $225.00

U11 & U12:   $350.00

U13 & up:   $425.00

  1. Each registration will be charged $2.00 annual processing fee by Affinity Sports. This fee will only be charged one time annually. All participants will be charged the annual fee irregardless of payment choice: credit card, eCheck, cash or check by mail.

  2. Each credit card transaction will be charged 2.5% convenience fee.

  3. Each echeck transaction will be charged $5.00 per transaction

  4. Mail check payments to Southeast Soccer:
    3120 19th Ave. S.
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

Medical Release Form

All players will need to complete a new Medical Release Form

Give the form to MANAGERS of your players team.

MYSA Birthyear Guides

Click on the link above to verify your child's correct age group.


New to SES or didn't play in 2017 - Need to buy a new full kit

Cost:  $85 for full kit (includes two jerseys, one short, one pair socks)

Cost:  U9-U12 team players will be given a one time discount of $40 for their first full kit so cost will be $45.

These uniform style will be used through Spring of 2020.

Uniform ordering link below.  Contact Claudia Motl for Uniform number.

Ordering is open through 4/1/18.

Full Soccer Uniform Kit