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SES Weather Policy

Southeast Soccer Follow MYSA Weather Policy

As a member of MYSA, Southeast Soccer follows the weather policies of this association.

Link for the MYSA weather policy is below.

Coaches and Managers:  Please read the policy to become familiar with the expectations / rule.


Field Closures: 

  • MPRB contacts Claudia Motl, Club Coordinator directly to inform us of field closures d/t poor field conditions. 
  • In turn, manager / coaches who have games on the day of closure, will be contacted by Claudia directly.  
  • Be sure to have cell phones available for games for communication purposes.

Neiman Fields
DeLaSalle Field
Parade Field

Minneapolis School Fields

There are minimum games on the two fields we use.  
Cooper and Howe School

Only 2 at each field are scheduled in June.

Please be mindful of the condition and weather before practicing on the field so that it is in the best possible conditions for these games in June.

If there is standing water on the field or it is extremely saturated, please don't use the field.  Consider finding alternate green space to use.