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Southeast Soccer 2019 Fall Season

Celebrating Soccer and Community

Southeast Soccer Club's Fall 2019 team formation is underway. If you're new to competitive soccer and would like to learn more about how it works download our FAQ document. 

Southeast does not have club-wide tryouts but individual teams may have tryouts or wish to evaluate players before accepting them on a team. Southeast strives to keep players and families together through various age groups and accommodate as many players as possible on our teams.

If you are NEW to Southeast and would like to join an existing or new team, your first step should be to complete the Join Southeast Soccer Now new player inquiry form. You may complete this form at any time and someone from Southeast will contact you. Completing this form does not commit you to Southeast soccer. Players will not be allowed to register/commit to Southeast until they have been accepted by the team or club. 

Interested in bringing your current recreational team to traveling soccer? Southeast can assist team organizers in the process and help you find additional players to complete your roster if necessary. to learn more, contact Claudia Motl, Club Coordinator.

Southeast Teams Fall 2019:

These teams may or may not be accepting new players. Playing competitive levels may change.

  • U11 Girls New Team (Blue) 
  • U11 Boys  New Team (Blue)
  • U11 Boys Niners (Blue) 
  • U12 Boys Vipers (Black) 
  • U12 Boys Tornado (Blue)
  • U12 Boys Loons (Blue) 
  • U13 Girls Roadrunners (Blue) 
  • U13 Boys Lightning (Black) 
  • U14 Girls Cheetahs (Blue) 
  • U14 Boys Phantoms (Blue) 
  • U14 Boys Seahawks (Black) 
  • U14+ / U15 Girls Griffins (Blue)


Birth Year Guidelines

Review the chart below to determine what team(s) your player is eligible to play in for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

View the complete MYSA Age Guidelines here


  Fall 2018 & Summer 2019
U9 2010s
U10 2009s
U11 2008s
U12 2007s
U13 2006s
U14 2005s
U15 2004s
U16 2003s
U17 2002s
U18 2001s
U19 2000s

Complete this form to inquire about team openings